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The gorges of Vallone di Fassa are located to the west of Accadia, where the sources of the Frugno torrent emerge between white limestone walls.

At the bottom of the gorge the natural environment is characterized by small waterfalls and ponds, set between rock corridors smoothed by water and large limestone blocks.

The Gorges can be reached by following a path that starts from the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and runs along the bed of the river Frugno. The excursion is not difficult, but it is advisable to be accompanied by local guides. Right in the point where the two rocky walls glimpsed from afar intersect the stream Frugno, creating one of the most evocative landscapes of the Monti Dauni. Behind the gorges a rich vegetation of oaks and oaks makes the color of the gorges even more candid. The bottom of the gorge is dominated, during the summer, by the green vegetation, interrupted by the bright colors of the wild orchids and the lilies of the woods, animated by amphibians and insects, especially dragonflies and butterflies. In autumn, however, the path of the Frugno torrent, which is framed by a "gallery forest" consisting mainly of willows and poplars, offers views of unforgettable colors.

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    Accadia is a wonderful historical village nestled between va...

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