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The complex developed from the Norman Tower, on a likely pre-existing Byzantine, up to consist of more wings and bodies for a total extension of about 2,500 square meters. It is accessed after a short climb in river pebbles and along the Mother Church dedicated to the Assumption.

Connected to the Tower by a wall, the Doge’s Palace is characterized by the presence of three courts, one of which was a hanging garden, often the location of events and festivals. The complex reaches a height of 15 m and develops on three levels: the first, external, from Via Port'Alta, and was occupied by the servants, today is mainly made up of private homes; the second, at the churchyard, was used as warehouses; The third, overlooking the main courtyard, was finally occupied by the stately apartments.

The palace is still connected to the mother church by a corridor suspended from the entrance to the main courtyard. The closed walkway had a strategic role: from here it was possible to control what happened outside. In fact, its position allowed it to guard the main courtyard, the churchyard, the hanging garden, the presbytery of the church itself (thanks to a small balcony then walled) and, even removing a tile of the floor, also the underlying entrance to the main courtyard.

Le accortezze strategiche per garantire la sicurezza dei signori non si limitavano a questa graziosa guardiola: da più punti degli appartamenti nobiliari partivano tunnel scavati nella roccia che conducevano alle stanze della servitù; una possibile e discreta via di fuga in caso di necessità; un tunnel è ancora visitabile all'interno delle stanze occupate da Museo Parrocchiale.

The north wing is divided into three areas: the smaller courtyard, the former stable and the hanging garden (now paved). The courtyard overlooks, in addition to some adjacent to the tower, also the rooms once used as laundry and now occupied by the kitchens of an educational restaurant. Among the very beautiful areas that can be visited are the former stables and the representative hall, whose frescoes bear the coat of arms of the last feudal lords of Pietramontecorvino, the Dukes of Montalto di Tocco and their curious motto "Duriora decoxi" ("I crushed harder things"). Today the Palace houses a Training Body, an Educational Restaurant and the Parish Archaeological Museum.

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